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Do you want to have the latest information and learn more about the trends in the casino world? Great! It is quite common for players to get stuck at the same casino playing the same casino games. Today, you have more options than ever when it comes to casinos and games so it is important to know what’s going on in the industry.

Zimpler Casinos Explained

Zimpler is a Swedish online payment service that was developed in 2012 by Johan Friis and Ekman Sinclair. The main reason behind the development of the service was to create a payment method that will allow players to deposit and make withdrawals at online casinos easily. Zimpler’s edge over other payment methods is its simplicity, although some might think the absence of a mobile app hurts its credibility. However, the fact that it is one of the best modes of payment for online casinos cannot be denied.This payment service is quite different from other payment methods and e-wallets as it was designed to work exclusively with online casinos. The Zimpler wallet supports a wide range of payment methods such as Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, Swish, Bank Transfer and BankID. Therefore, when you want to deposit into the wallet, you can make use of any of these methods which can then be used to deposit into your online casino account. Additionally, the service does not charge players a deposit fee, and every outgoing transaction is done instantly.Deposit and WithdrawalDeposits and withdrawals are quite easy with Zimpler. To make a deposit, the first step is to choose a Zimpler casino. Afterward, you head on to the Zimpler website to create an account in the same way it is done on several online payment methods. Furthermore, you have to choose between the Card or Bill payment method. With the Bill option, you’ll receive a bill in your email or phone that you’re required to pay within 14 days. The Card option will charge you through the card details on your Zimpler account.Once the payment is successful for the bill or card payment method, your online casino account will be credited. Initially, there was no way players could make withdrawals with Zimpler since the service was developed with only the deposit option. However, there is now an option for withdrawal which has made the service much better and more efficient. Although the withdrawal times may vary based on the online casino not on Gamstop you have selected and also the bank that you are using, but it is typically within a few hours.Additional InformationZimpler comes with several features that help its users to easily manage their funds in their wallets. Therefore, it can be said that this service is more of a digital account manager than an e-wallet. There is the Zimpler Budget feature that is included in this service. This feature helps you to prevent overspending by giving you the option of setting a limit on the amount of money you want to spend at a time. Additionally, your spendings and earnings are shown in your Zimpler account to help you keep track.The payment service is accepted by all types of online casinos. Therefore, if you prefer to play on mobile or live casinos, you will be able to make deposits and withdrawals using Zimpler. All you need to do is to check if your preferred mobile or live casino accepts the use of this payment service. Additionally, there are several bonus packages that come with the use of Zimpler such as welcome bonuses, no deposit, referral bonuses and many more. You can also win free spins and other special kinds of offers.Final NoteZimpler is an absolute gem for online casino players as it makes playing online casino games for real money much easier. One major problem is that the service is restricted to only players in Finland and Sweden. Therefore, players from other countries are not allowed to use this amazing payment method. However, for those who can make use of this payment service, it is completely secure and very easy to use. You can give this payment service a try today by visiting their official website to get started.

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Beginners Guide to Casino Terms and Conditions

The casino industry is bound by set terms and conditions that expound on how betting websites operate. Well, as a beginner, you can find yourself straining to understand some of the terms and regulations.But, why fumble and play while you don't understand all the formalities? Just like other games, gambling can be addictive. It's in this line that bettors are advised to proceed with moderation when placing their first bets.This article highlights the common terms and conditions you can't afford to miss as a beginner.Understanding casino guidelines don’t have to be a gamble!If you’re a beginner to the world of casinos, it might seem difficult to grasp the terms and conditions that are first thrown at you. Although these T&C's come with legal jargon and may seem confusing, they’re often just a contract to ensure that the casino isn’t taking a chance on you and your ideals. Much like every business, all a casino wants is the surety that you understand a fair play and take the cards you’re dealt with in goodwill. Don’t let the vocabulary buy you out.There are always a few basic terms to keep in mind when going through the T&C's. In due time, you will get well versed in them. An account is your personal single account, which you open with the free spins casino and use to wager, deposit and cash out your money. Gambling transactions cover all wagers, stakes, and bets that you place. A stake is any money that you wager through your account with the casino. Winnings are any and all money payable to you directly after a successful gambling transaction.Know what you’re agreeing to before you play your hand.When agreeing to the T&C remember to be sure of what you’re agreeing to. Usually, the first thing you’re expected to understand is that you are solely responsible for any and all bets, wagers, and stakes you place and all outcomes will be accepted by you. You are also expected to not hold more than one account at any given time and not play from another party’s account. It also goes without saying that you are agreeing to be of legal age and are providing accurate details for legal purposes.Read the fine print to avoid all fines.Remember that every rulebook mentions that the casino reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions at any given point of time. Remember that they reserve the right to disallow you from certain games or from playing with them all together based on certain conditions. A lot of casinos might offer rewards, points and deposit bonuses. Ensure that you know the fine print for these individually- most promotions have time limits, usage limits and more. Similarly, remember that you have a maximum withdrawal limit you must adhere to.Now play your best hand!Any T&C's will involve a lot more. As a beginner remember that you needn’t be overwhelmed with what you see. Play your cards right, abide by the rules, accept outcomes and don’t cross any legal boundaries. Always keep in mind that if you fail to understand something, you can reach out for clarification. In the end, place your bets with the confidence only once you know you’re not agreeing to more than you bargained for and that your personal information is in good hands according to their T&C's.

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Red Dog Progressive Cardgame

Known as Yablon in card game books, Red Dog is a variation of a card game known as In-Between or Acey-Deucey that was thought to have originated in the Wild West in the 1800s. Although Red Dog has fallen out of favour somewhat in land-based casinos, it is popular online. Red Dog is a relatively simple variation of poker and is probably one of the most straightforward games of chance that you can play online. Furthermore, many online casinos offer "play for fun" games, allowing punters to get a feel for the game and decide if it is one that suits them.The rules of the game are fairly simple, so it will not take long to get the hang of it. Players are dealt two cards and place a bet (the "ante") on the chance that the value of a third card will fall in-between the values they already hold. Cards are scored according to face value with Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13 and Aces being high (14). Suits are irrelevant. The standard game, such as those provided by NetEnt and Microgaming, uses one deck of 52 cards. Various other bets are allowed and depend on the face value of the first two cards and the "spread" between them.Because of the relative simplicity of the game, NetEnt have produced an interesting new variation: Red Dog Progressive. As expected from a NetEnt game, sounds and graphics are excellent, ensuring that players will have a great experience. The visuals are just right for this kind of card game with the wooden edged table being covered in green felt. From the player's viewpoint, the card dealer and shuffler are opposite, dealer's chips are in the centre and any cards already dealt are on the screen's left side. The player's chips are in the bottom right corner, and around the screen there are clearly marked buttons for "ante", "raise", "deal" and "call".So, how does Red Dog Progressive differ from standard Red Dog? In the standard game players make an initial bet (ante), two cards are revealed and a third is dealt face down. Players must study the spread of values on their two cards and choose how to proceed: fold and lose their bet (round ends); stick and call; or raise and call. The third card is then revealed, and any winnings will be paid. In the Progressive version, players can choose to take their winnings at the end of each round, or to maximise the excitement by leaving them on the table ready for the next hand.

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How to Play Six Shooter

Six Shooter is one of the most popular casino table games because players find it easy to learn. It is available on several gaming platforms and can be played online. The results are fast and this gives you an opportunity to win easily. For those that don't know, this is a dice game. The objective of the game is to roll the dice and have every number that was on the dealer’s roll on his dice, in the fewest throws. The player is expected to place the bet once for rolling down all the die. You only win the bet if you eliminate the dealer’s values by the third time.There are several steps followed when gaming. These are: *The player places his bet. This is a crucial step. *The target die is the outcome when the dealer rolls his six-die. *the player now rolls his die thrice. He is not in control of the outcome. *You compare the faces on the player’s roll with the target die. *Any face that matches that of the dealer is eliminated. If there was any number appearing twice in the target, they are all eliminated by the first time it shows up. *The maximum rolls are three, or as soon as all targets are hit.How is payment done? The number of times you roll the dice before eliminating the target dice determines how much you are paid. The first roll gives you a 12 to 1 payout. The second offers 8 to 5 while the third will only give 1 to 1. This demonstrates that the more times you roll the dice, the lower your probability of winning. Can a dice be manipulated and thrown in a way to give controlled figures? Throwing the dice in the same manner each time could give you the same result, but it is not an assured win.How do Bonus Bets work? There are two types: The Target Side and The Shooter Side. In the Target side, the player places a guess on the outcome of the dealer’s roll. It covers a wide range where you could choose if the numbers will be odd or even. You can guess the specific number too. Shooter side are where the player predicts the result of his throw. ‘Any Trips’ is when the three dice match. Any Straight is when a sequence is noted in the throws. The bonuses give the gamer better chances of winning and a reason to choose the particular casino.

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A to Z of Super Wheel Casino

Super Wheel is a great casino game if you're a little fed up with slots. It is easy to comprehend and has very few rules. The game is very similar to Wheel of Fortune. The screen displays a table, which shows the bet amounts that you can place. The player clicks on the chip they have chosen according to the limits given to him. The main objective is to give a prediction of the result when the wheel is spun. It is a lot like spinning on slot machines. The player can choose any number and is given just seven betting options to do so, and each have different payouts depending on the probability to land on it.The different payouts are as follows: • When a player places his bet on Number One and wins, his benefit is on a ratio of 1:1. • If placed on the digit 3, there is a 3:1 income for him. • Landing on 5 gives a 5:1. • A bet placed on digit 11 gives an 11:1 gain. • Landing on 23 will give a gain of 23:1. • The bars, a clover and a horseshoe give a ratio of 47:1. Players have an opportunity to place similar bets simultaneously. They can also remove all bets from the table by hitting the Clear All button. To remove a bet, the gamer clicks on the X button.Why do most players pick on this game? The dealer cannot manipulate the result. This is because the result after the wheel is spun it is unpredictable. The gamer is assured of his chances of winning, unlike many games played in casinos. Another amazing feature in this game is that in case it is interrupted, information on the previous steps by a gamer can be retrieved. This game has five-star results on its reviews by customers. Players from all over the world play it online with the increasing number of betting sites that offer it. The charges and wager rates are high because of the competition by different betting sites.The game comes with an RTP of 92.31%, which is a relatively decent RTP affording players good winning opportunities. Thanks to this, this table game has been greatly appreciated by players all over the world. Some of the popular casinos that offer this game are Pala Casino, Boom Casino and Kroon Casino. However, choosing the site to play from is dependent on the bonuses they offer and the additional features packaged with the game. New games are being invented as older ones get modified to suit the current generation. With this in mind, Super wheel is always being updated to newer versions to spice the game up.

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Texas Hold 'em

Texas Hold 'em is a card poker game with a gameplay that is focused on the cards being played, as well as the betting being wagered. Depending on whether you are playing Texas Hold 'em tournament or Texas Hold 'em cash, the gameplay and rules are basically the same but the main goal varies a little bit. A Texas Hold 'em tournament is very similar to the other Texas Hold 'em games, but it comes with some twists and a few rules added to it. In Texas Hold 'em tournament, all the players put up a buy-in, which gets them a specific number of tournament chips. You can find all the best casino games at The Texas Hold 'em cash game is played on a single table consisting of 2 to 10 players. The goal of the game is winning as many chips as you can. To win a pot, you need to have the best hand, or when other players concede before the showdown. In order to start the game, a player must be chosen to act as the dealer and is given the dealer button. Texas Hold 'em is played with a rotating dealer, which means that for one hand, a player will act as the dealer, then handing the dealer role to any player on their left after that hand is finished. To choose a dealer, either have each player choose a card after spreading the cards on the table, or all the players are dealt one card each. The player who has the most valued card (which in this case is the aces upwards), is automatically the dealer. In a situation where someone has volunteered to continuously deal the cards (or there is a professional dealer available), the dealer button will still be rotated around the table. Even though there is someone dealing the cards physically, the person handling the dealer button is still seen as the dealer for that particular hand. Players are first dealt with hole cards, which is known as the pre-flop stage. The "flop" is when the initial betting occurs, and three cards shared are placed face up in the middle of the table. After that, a new round of betting is started where a fourth shared card is dealt, which is known as the "turn". Then, finally, comes the final round of betting with a final card shared, known as "the river". For a hand to end, players turn in their hole cards and the player with the best hand wins. Another way is when someone bets so high that other players fold.

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Casinos that Accept PayPal

As 2019 approaches, it is good to know that many casinos worldwide now accept PayPal payment. This is a great online payment method that saves you time and is very secure. With millions around the globe using PayPal to make online purchases, what a convenient way it is to pay for your gaming adventure. This payment gateway is headquartered in the United States of America.  The platform is widespread and hence covers many countries. There are 25 currencies supported by the platform as of the moment, making it versatile. We list all the best Paypal casinos at Examples of some top currencies accepted include the US dollar, British pound, Euro, Canadian dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Danish Krone, Japanese Yen and many more. This e-wallet system has over 100 million users and allows registered members to send and receive money securely. The platform has stringent security measures and your privacy is a top priority for this firm. However, three major disadvantages of PayPal are:  Applying, verification, and card linking are hectic and may take several business days. PayPal is not available to all the countries, and therefore can limit you if your country is not on the platform. Online gaming transactions are strictly forbidden in the United States, and this is usually a big obstacle and disadvantages to casino owners and their clients in that country. Having said that, the platform is available in over 200 countries and this offers casino game lovers an opportunity to play their online games with a lot of ease. It is also good to note that the transactions are in real time so you have your funds available as soon as you transact. There are a large number of online casinos operating worldwide that accept PayPal payments.  With many casinos that accept PayPal payment method, there is no reason why you should not be enjoying your favourite game. The only slight hitch that you should beware of is that at times, PayPal may limit your funds if there is a suspicious activity on your account or a dispute between parties. However, if you have it right, it is bliss. On the positive side, the advantages are brilliant. You have your funds 24/7, your funds are secure, you can try several online casinos, your information is private and secure and you can use your winnings to pay for other online activities right away.

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Virtual Reality at Online Casinos

Online gambling is a vast and rich industry, always looking to create top quality products to keep their customers happy and entertained. From new and exciting games, bonuses, free spins UK and special promotions, a visit to an online casino is always an excellent opportunity to check out the enormous potential that technology has provided while working hand-in-hand with game developers. However, soon we are about to make an incredible leap forward in online gaming. Virtual Reality technology is quickly transforming the iGaming industry. We can now have new and interactive experiences in different online casinos. The casinos that will fail to embrace VR will soon become irrelevant. Virtual Reality casinos have advanced VR software and hardware, which place the players directly to the casino floor. They will experience a gorgeous casino game room. Players can walk through and explore the room in fully-immersive 3D. A 3D game table is available where players can seat and engage with the dealer or other players. Players can observe the hand and body gestures of other players or dealer. There is a VR headset, which enables players to communicate with each other in real time. An in-game chart is also available here. The developers are aiming at making these VR casinos as lifelike as possible. Virtual Reality in the casino industry is still in its early development. In this article, we will discuss only the most popular VR casinos. SlotsMillion is a casino that is a product of Lucky VR. It is currently the best VR casino in the market. It involves around 40 slot machines and a game room. Sadly, card games are not available here. You cannot distinguish SlotsMillion with a real casino. The game room is on the 80th floor of a very tall skyscraper. When you look over the windows, you can see a magnificent and futuristic city. You can play for real money here. Casino VR Poker is a virtual casino developed in Switzerland. The interface is very detailed with realistic players seated and ready to gamble. There are six Texas Hold’em poker tables in the game. There is also a way to chat with other players. The game is compatible with all platforms. Casino VR Poker is an entertainment-only casino since you can't cash out your winnings. However, the future of these online casinos is fascinating. Developers want to attract more gamers, and non-traditional methods are being used to draw in players who want something more exciting. Soon, you may be able to play Baccarat on the top of Mount Everest!

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Payment Methods at Online Casinos

Online casinos have exploded in popularity over the last few years, with many people now preferring to gamble on-screen rather than in a traditional casino. Whilst the added comfort and convenience of this are obvious, some aspects of gambling online may be less than straightforward, particularly when trying to choose the best online payment method to top up your online casino account. At we have listed all the best payment methods.  Different features must be considered when choosing a payment option, such as the ease of use, security, transaction fees and the time needed to access funds. Below are the most common payment methods, with some pros and cons of each method. Debit and credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express are a very common and popular method. Topping up online with a debit or credit card is extremely quick and easy. It usually involves just entering the relevant card details onto the payment page on the online casino's website, with the option of making large deposits onto the online casino account, which are available almost immediately.  A drawback with this method is that you may be charged a transaction commission, which ranges from 0.5% to 3% and that it is not always possible to withdraw and winnings back onto your credit card. E-Wallets are very convenient. PayPal is the most widely used due to its ease of use, reliability and fantastic welcome bonuses and rewards. It also has the additional benefit of being able to be used for both deposits and withdrawals from the casino account. There is a very small fee for using PayPal, and it takes a few minutes to create a PayPal account.  Another option is Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers), which is safe and secure. Funds can be accessed almost immediately with many different currency options. The drawbacks are that not all casinos accept Skrill, and there is usually a fee for both deposits and withdrawals. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are the newcomers on the block. Depositing and withdrawing funds to your online casino account is very fast once the Bitcoin wallet is created. As no third parties are involved, there are no transaction fees, transactions are very secure and play can be anonymous. The main downside is that Bitcoin's value often fluctuates as it’s a new currency.  Finally, Boku, the mobile phone payment method is starting to gain popularity for small value transactions due to the ease of use. However, users should bear in mind that Boku cannot be used to withdraw any winnings.

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A Guide to Poker Strategies

When it comes to Poker online, the learning curve can be stiff. While you are a beginner, you will find that a little information can take you far. However, as you continue to learn, you discover that the new information didn’t add much value to the game. A good starting point would be to play with players who are worse than you. On top of this, there are other poker tips for beginners that can be very helpful. While these tips will not turn you into an expert, they will be your stepping stone into turning you into a winner. First, you need to avoid playing too many hands. As a poker beginner, you need to keep it very tight. You should only play with hands that are really good. Avoid a trap that many beginners regularly fall into by thinking that all hands have equal chances of winning. Even though this has some truth, there are certain hands that have more chances of winning than others, and these can help you to win more money. Others will only serve to make you lose money. Therefore, you need to be selective in the hands that you will be playing. Your choice will determine your chances of winning. Avoid excessive bluffing. Another misconception that people have on poker is that they should bluff in order to win. While TV shows will show you a lot of bluffs, remember that these are usually edited programs and will only show the tournament’s highlights. This means that they, in most cases, give a false impression. The truth of the matter is that bluffing is not very important in poker. As a beginner in online poker, you should rather play your cards well instead of trying to bluff the opponent. You can occasionally try bluffing. However, the real art is as a result of practice and knowledge. You can also try the cards of your opponent. In poker, it is very important to consider the hand of the opponent rather than just your own. Having a good hand can be very beneficial. However, if you think that your opponent’s hand is better than yours, you should be ready to fold. Finally, remember that the table position is a key factor in poker. A good position that you should be in is when you are acting last on the hand. This will mean that you will have knowledge of the kind of hand they may already have before an action.

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Security at Online Casinos

Online casinos, especially live casinos, are the trendiest form of betting. The reason is that most people desire to gamble in the comfort of their homes. As a result, there are different companies in the market, producing online games. However, not all the providers can be trusted. Some come in the name of providing hefty bonuses and big jackpots, yet they are just scams. Cybercrimes in online casinos are also increasing every day. As a result, a significant number of players have lost a lot of their money. We are going to discuss some of the security factors to consider before choosing an online casino. Data Encryption - Data encryption means adding parity bits to the essential data to make it hard for hackers to understand and leak it. The most common forms of encryption are 128 and 256-bit encryption. Your personal and financial data collected by the casino should be encrypted. The best way to confirm this is carefully looking at the toolbar of the site. If it has https:// in front of its name, it means they have an encryption certificate called SSL. Others may have a symbol of the small padlock on the toolbar. Always shy away from online casinos with no encryption mechanism. Gaming Licenses - For the casino to operate in public, it must undergo some vigorous checks to be verified as a legit gambling site. Different gambling authorities and commissions examine the online casino before they offer them the license of operation. Some of the essential things they check include player complains, bugs in the software, etc. In case they fail to meet any of those, they get their license revoked. The main problem is that online casino sites can still operate online without having a permit. The best way is to look at different gaming authorities’ websites. They post the list of legit casinos operating with valid licenses. Casino Terms and Conditions - A genuine casino must have a page describing how they operate their business and the rules followed. All the terms should be written in a manner that they are understandable to everyone. It is your responsibility to read them carefully and take screenshots if possible. In case you discover terms changing overnight, you should run away, instead of becoming a victim. Some casinos can tweak their terms to have odds against you. Taking screenshots can save you in case you want to open a lawsuit against the casino. It is important to note that terms and conditions are displayed at the bottom of the casino website.

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What is a Match Bonus

It is quite common for casinos to offer bonuses for their players as a reward. This means that it is possible to get a decent amount of free money when you are playing at online casinos. The most common bonuses are usually offered just after you have signed up. There are other online casinos that will offer a bonus after making a deposit, while many casinos will also offer a bonus for ongoing deposits. These are usually made to the regular players as a way of thanking them for their loyalty. A common kind of bonus is the match bonus. A match bonus, just like the name suggests, means that for whatever amount you deposit in your account, the online casino will match your amount. This type of bonus is often given to new clients after they sign-up. You might be excited by the free money, but you need to notice that it comes with a condition that you have to deposit your own money first. It is definitely a good way of doubling your first deposit and therefore, you can see why it is often attractive to the new players. But, are you really getting free cash or is there a catch? The truth is that there is no catch, and the casino only wants to attract new players. However, to protect themselves from abuse, most of the casinos will often have a caveat on the match bonus. This is to ensure that no high roller comes in with a million dollars while expecting an instant profit. After all, the goal of any system is to attract as many players as possible. This is the reason why they limit the maximum amount that they are usually prepared to offer bonuses on. You will in most cases find that the maximum amount of match bonus they are ready to offer is $100. Now that you know what a match bonus is, you will need to have a strategy on them. You should never rely on the match bonuses as a constant source of winnings. Instead, you should consider them to be like the cherry that is often on your ice cream. It is also important to take the time to read through the terms of the bonus before you can begin playing. A common mistake that players make is to be excited by the offer of a bonus to a point where they skip going through the little details. However, they later realise that these determined the flexibility of their withdrawals.

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Why Should you Read our News?

On our page you can see all the latest casino news. There is so much going on in the industry right now. Virtual reality is getting more and more popular. Crypto currencies are also something new that will revolutionize the payment methods at casinos online. In or news you will get valuable information about everything that is important in this industry. The more information you have, the better decisions you probably will take.

Very Exciting Technical Progress

The technical progress within the industry is rapid and very exciting. First of all, HTML5 has made it possible for all casinos to have all of their games available on mobile devices. In addition to this, you can play all of the games directly in your browser, so you don’t have to download a complicated application in order to play. All in all, check out our news to stay informed of all the exciting progress in the industry. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions of what we should write about.