Online gambling is a vast and rich industry, always looking to create top quality products to keep their customers happy and entertained. From new and exciting games, bonuses, free spins UK and special promotions, a visit to an online casino is always an excellent opportunity to check out the enormous potential that technology has provided while working hand-in-hand with game developers. However, soon we are about to make an incredible leap forward in online gaming. Virtual Reality technology is quickly transforming the iGaming industry. We can now have new and interactive experiences in different online casinos. The casinos that will fail to embrace VR will soon become irrelevant.


Virtual Reality casinos have advanced VR software and hardware, which place the players directly to the casino floor. They will experience a gorgeous casino game room. Players can walk through and explore the room in fully-immersive 3D. A 3D game table is available where players can seat and engage with the dealer or other players. Players can observe the hand and body gestures of other players or dealer. There is a VR headset, which enables players to communicate with each other in real time. An in-game chart is also available here. The developers are aiming at making these VR casinos as lifelike as possible.


Virtual Reality in the casino industry is still in its early development. In this article, we will discuss only the most popular VR casinos. SlotsMillion is a casino that is a product of Lucky VR. It is currently the best VR casino in the market. It involves around 40 slot machines and a game room. Sadly, card games are not available here. You cannot distinguish SlotsMillion with a real casino. The game room is on the 80th floor of a very tall skyscraper. When you look over the windows, you can see a magnificent and futuristic city. You can play for real money here.


Casino VR Poker is a virtual casino developed in Switzerland. The interface is very detailed with realistic players seated and ready to gamble. There are six Texas Hold’em poker tables in the game. There is also a way to chat with other players. The game is compatible with all platforms. Casino VR Poker is an entertainment-only casino since you can't cash out your winnings.


However, the future of these online casinos is fascinating. Developers want to attract more gamers, and non-traditional methods are being used to draw in players who want something more exciting. Soon, you may be able to play Baccarat on the top of Mount Everest!