Six Shooter is one of the most popular casino table games because players find it easy to learn. It is available on several gaming platforms and can be played online. The results are fast and this gives you an opportunity to win easily. For those that don't know, this is a dice game. The objective of the game is to roll the dice and have every number that was on the dealer’s roll on his dice, in the fewest throws. The player is expected to place the bet once for rolling down all the die. You only win the bet if you eliminate the dealer’s values by the third time.

There are several steps followed when gaming. These are: *The player places his bet. This is a crucial step. *The target die is the outcome when the dealer rolls his six-die. *the player now rolls his die thrice. He is not in control of the outcome. *You compare the faces on the player’s roll with the target die. *Any face that matches that of the dealer is eliminated. If there was any number appearing twice in the target, they are all eliminated by the first time it shows up. *The maximum rolls are three, or as soon as all targets are hit.

How is payment done? The number of times you roll the dice before eliminating the target dice determines how much you are paid. The first roll gives you a 12 to 1 payout. The second offers 8 to 5 while the third will only give 1 to 1. This demonstrates that the more times you roll the dice, the lower your probability of winning. Can a dice be manipulated and thrown in a way to give controlled figures? Throwing the dice in the same manner each time could give you the same result, but it is not an assured win.

How do Bonus Bets work? There are two types: The Target Side and The Shooter Side. In the Target side, the player places a guess on the outcome of the dealer’s roll. It covers a wide range where you could choose if the numbers will be odd or even. You can guess the specific number too. Shooter side are where the player predicts the result of his throw. ‘Any Trips’ is when the three dice match. Any Straight is when a sequence is noted in the throws. The bonuses give the gamer better chances of winning and a reason to choose the particular casino.