Super Wheel is a great casino game if you're a little fed up with slots. It is easy to comprehend and has very few rules. The game is very similar to Wheel of Fortune. The screen displays a table, which shows the bet amounts that you can place. The player clicks on the chip they have chosen according to the limits given to him. The main objective is to give a prediction of the result when the wheel is spun. It is a lot like spinning on slot machines. The player can choose any number and is given just seven betting options to do so, and each have different payouts depending on the probability to land on it.

The different payouts are as follows: • When a player places his bet on Number One and wins, his benefit is on a ratio of 1:1. • If placed on the digit 3, there is a 3:1 income for him. • Landing on 5 gives a 5:1. • A bet placed on digit 11 gives an 11:1 gain. • Landing on 23 will give a gain of 23:1. • The bars, a clover and a horseshoe give a ratio of 47:1. Players have an opportunity to place similar bets simultaneously. They can also remove all bets from the table by hitting the Clear All button. To remove a bet, the gamer clicks on the X button.

Why do most players pick on this game? The dealer cannot manipulate the result. This is because the result after the wheel is spun it is unpredictable. The gamer is assured of his chances of winning, unlike many games played in casinos. Another amazing feature in this game is that in case it is interrupted, information on the previous steps by a gamer can be retrieved. This game has five-star results on its reviews by customers. Players from all over the world play it online with the increasing number of betting sites that offer it. The charges and wager rates are high because of the competition by different betting sites.

The game comes with an RTP of 92.31%, which is a relatively decent RTP affording players good winning opportunities. Thanks to this, this table game has been greatly appreciated by players all over the world. Some of the popular casinos that offer this game are Pala Casino, Boom Casino and Kroon Casino. However, choosing the site to play from is dependent on the bonuses they offer and the additional features packaged with the game. New games are being invented as older ones get modified to suit the current generation. With this in mind, Super wheel is always being updated to newer versions to spice the game up.