Play Keno Online 2019 – Best Guide to UK Casino

The game of keno is as old as the gambling industry itself, and is said to have had its origins in China. The game in its earlier stages was played with Chinese characters instead of numbers, and the practice still continues in China, though the game underwent certain changes when it reached Europe and the United States.

The game’s Chinese characters were replaced by 80 numbers, and became an instant hit amongst casino-goers and lottery enthusiasts. Until casinos were legalised, Keno was considered to be a lottery game in the United States. Here on free spins uk we can learn you more about this.

Online Keno Guide for Beginners

Keno is one of the most popular games in the casinos, and is a game of numbers. Keno is a very uncomplicated game, with simple and easy-to-learn rules. The game can either be played online or offline. The players have the straightforward task of guessing the numbers, which are drawn randomly. The higher the number of correct guesses, the more keno winnings that a player will get.

Keno is generally played using a Keno card, which has numbers listed from 1 to 80, arranged in 8 rows of 10 numbers each. Players need to mark up to 20 numbers on their cards. Some casinos do have restrictions, and they allow the customer to mark only 10 or 15 numbers. The numbers which the players have marked on the keno card are the numbers which the players are betting on.

If the same numbers are drawn, then the players get paid. In this way, keno is similar to a lottery or bingo-type game. In a land-based casino, after the cards are marked and submitted by all the players, a big-ball machine picks out 20 numbers randomly. 

Keno Online – A Great Guide to a Great Game

With the rise of the internet, keno is played online too. In fact, it is more exciting to play the game online rather than in land-based casinos. In the case of online keno, the ball machine is replaced by a modern random-number generator machine which generates 20 numbers. The players are paid according to the pay table that the casino follows.

One of the variations when it comes to playing keno online is that the game is paced faster when compared to the bricks and mortar games. The player can play the game on rapid repeat, but they need to exercise caution so as to not to get carried away.

Becoming familiar with keno terms will help people who have just started playing, be it either in the online or offline modes.

The Ticket is the betting card that each player is given to mark the numbers which they want to bet on the numbers which the players choose are known as Spots. A game of Keno is also known as a Race. If a number that a player has chosen is drawn, then it is known as Catching a Spot. 

Best Keno Strategies

Playing Keno online is one of the best ways to reap rich rewards. However, the complete success lies in finding the best keno bonuses that the abundance of online casinos offer. Before playing the real game, it is better if the player tries his hand at various free keno games that are readily available online.

Also, a player should not feel stressed out while selecting the numbers. The selection of numbers will in no way influence the outcome. It could be advisable to use the ‘quick pick’ option if the casino offers one.

Though players are sometimes allowed to pick up to 20 numbers, experts opine that the players need to pick somewhat below the number limit that they are offered, as not all the numbers they choose are going to be generated.

Multi-race cards help to save time, as the numbers which are selected once can be used for multiple games. Small bets are recommended, and a clear analysis of the risk versus the reward will help minimise the losses, if any. 

Best Keno Online Sites UK

Keno is best played in online sites that satisfy certain important requisites. Playing the game in such sites would surely enhance the experience. The players should make sure that the casino is a licensed, safe and secure one. The casino should include numerous payment options and a generous but realistic sign-up and deposit bonus.

Keno is a game that is played across the world by millions who get lured by the easy gameplay, and the huge jackpot that comes with the game is a sure attraction. Though the game does have one of the highest house edge percentages, it is still one of the most fun numbers games to play online.

Lady Luck will favour those who have mastered the best keno online strategies, and hopefully you will be rewarded with some healthy keno winnings.