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Play e-sports Online 2019 – Best Guide to UK Casino

In recent years e-sports has developed into an exciting spectator sport which is growing and evolving at an astonishing rate. Organised competitions have long been a part of video game culture, but these were mainly conducted on an amateur basis until the late 2000s, when professional gamers entered the scene.

This led to a surge in popularity and the development of a spectator following, while online streaming media platforms dedicated to e-sports contributed to the growth and promotion of these competitions.

Sponsorships and international recognition have become commonplace, and prize money continues to grow, with names such as League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Intel Extreme Masters, e-sports tournaments have captivated the popular imagination and regularly attract millions of online viewers.

E-sports Online Guide

The world of e-sports is a vibrant and dynamic scene, with new games and new teams appearing seemingly out of nowhere. New entrants can register real success against established players, adding to the excitement and unpredictability of the game. gives you the full guide.

This exciting sport is appealing to a growing community, and our goal is to make it easy for you to participate in this gaming culture and keep up to date with developments. We feature the best websites to keep you abreast of developments with up-to-date information on games, events, scores, tournaments, players and team profiles. These websites offer news, information and guides on the world of competitive video gaming.

The e-sports scene can be a little overwhelming for the novice and that is why we have made it our passion to offer you some of the best guides on the different bets that can be placed. You may bet on a single match or on a tournament, as well as on the outcome of a number of rounds, such as best of 3, best of 5 or even best of 7. A first-blood bet tries to predict the team which will make the first kill. In a handicap bet the odds are lengthened in exchange for a better return, but such bets are very risky and are best avoided unless you are an experienced punter.

The broad range of options really add to the excitement of the sport, but of course there are many pitfalls which you need to be aware of unless you are happy to see your hard-earned cash slip through your fingers. Making a number of small wins will add up over time and will help you maximise your e-sports winnings, and this is the best option rather than going for risky, high-return bets.

Here you will find information to guide you in developing a strategy on how to bet. We can help you formulate a staking plan, establishing a betting limit depending on your level of financing. A successful gambler relies on a gaming plan to keep control of any bets, reducing the chances of losing money and helping to get a good return. Chasing your losses in the hope of recovering lost money has been the downfall of many punters, and often leads to rash decisions and to breaching your predetermined staking plan and budget.

Best E-sports Sites Online

While gut instinct can be useful in gaming, it encourages you to gamble like you would at a casino, trusting in luck rather than relying on your knowledge to help you win. Proper research is key, and we offer the best guides on what information to focus on and where to get the necessary facts and statistics. Avoid the dangers of unknown teams, and watch out for roster changes, which are quite common in e-sports as teams try to strengthen themselves by replacing weaker players.

You also need to develop an understanding of betting odds, and here again we can be of service. Good value depends on the size of the odds relative to the actual chances of winning, and different bookmakers often offer different odds. Make use of our sportsbook guides to determine which bookie is most suited to your requirements. Our guides give you everything you need to know about the e-sport bookmakers who are best to work with, including the ones who give the best bonuses.

So, if you have decided to participate in the entertaining and exciting world of e-sports, make sure that you are well prepared. Take a detailed look at our various sections where we offer some of the best guides to online e-sports. We will help you avoid the downsides to e-sports betting and make the most of the considerable upsides. When you feel confident enough to make a bet, refer to our guides on finding a suitable bookmaker and take the plunge. Make the most of our expertise and you will find yourself a victor, rather than a victim. Be patient and keep your cool, and we are confident that you will have a great and enjoyable experience.