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Mastercard is a U.S headquartered financial services company that helps people pay and get paid. It started in 1966 as a small group of U.S based banks (Interbank Card Association). Three years later, it acquired the brand name of Mastercard and its interlocking circles trademark. In 1979, the ICA renamed its Master Charge to Mastercard. The 1980s saw Mastercard enter the Chinese market and acquire the Cirrus network of ATMs. In the next decade, this company launched Maestro - the first online global debit programme - in association with Europay.


Over the next few years, Mastercard launched several initiatives in the online payment industry. In 2016, Mastercard unveiled a new brand name and introduced a small "c" to emphasise the changes in the online payment industry. The company realised that people are moving over from plastic money to make their payments. Currently, Mastercard uses customer data and analytics to understand the global payments industry. Today, this company offers credit and debit cards to its customers in association with partner banks.

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Deposits and Withdrawals

If you want to withdraw money with your Mastercard, then go to the closest ATM. The machine would indicate which cards it will accept. If it permits Mastercard, then swipe it on the machine. Enter the required details like your PIN and the amount of money you would like to withdraw. Press "ENTER" and you will get your money. In case you are traveling, then you will also have to check whether your destination country is on the block list of your Mastercard. If it isn't then you would require an international Mastercard for withdrawing money.


In some countries, there would be an additional level of security while withdrawing money. To deposit money from a Mastercard, you need to go to the merchant website, enter your card details like card number, name on the card, and the CVV number. In addition, you will have to also give out your card expiry date. Please check whether your merchant accepts Mastercard or not before making a transaction.


  • Global Reach
  • Safe
  • Good service


  • High-interest rates
  • Frauds
  • High debts

Review and Summary

Mastercard is a global online payment services company. Since this company owns and operates a number of ATM machines in the world, its cards are used by a large number of users. Today, this company uses a lot of data analytics to understand its markets and customers. Mastercard uses tokenization, encryption and other technologies to make its payments safe and secure. In addition, this company helps its customers protect their cards.


If you lose your card, then the company issues you a duplicate one very quickly. Mastercard offers credit and debit cards for making transactions. Users can make online deposits from both kinds of cards. One reason why many users prefer a Mastercard is because it gives them purchase assurance. International travellers find this card to be an asset. This means that a faulty product purchased by this card can be replaced later on. If you are a frequent user of Mastercard credit card, pay your bills on time to avoid late payment fees.