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Muse Wild Inspiration
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Muse Wild Inspiration Free Spins

Designed with a unique mythological theme interrelated to the Greek goddesses, game lovers will be thrilled and inspired by Muse Wild Inspiration, as this video game breaks the boundary between art, music and literature.

The use of dazzling wild features represented by goddess characters will take you to an ancient time in history. If you love floating clouds, temples and deep blue skies, then plunge in, and try this 5-reel slot game.

Muse Wild Inspiration

Theme & Graphics

Its compelling theme contains nine muse characters known as Euterpe, Kalliope, Klio, Erato, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thaleia and Urania. The word muse, by the way, originates from a Greek word "Mousa" referring to sound, music and songs.

To motivate your inner creative artist, Muse Wild Inspiration has rich animated design and stunning graphics that feature a decadent Greek temple, a charming village and the seaside.

Gameplay & Symbols

The three muses are represented on the reels. Each one is identified and distinguished by their different hair colour that includes black, purple and blonde. Other symbols on the reel include a scroll, a quill, a harp, a palette, a bunch of grapes and a goblet of wine that represent expanding wilds with re-spin, free spins, scatter symbols and sticky wilds. The smaller value symbols include A, K, J, and Q.

Mobile Slot

Muse Wild Inspiration is not available on AppStore or Google Play, which means it cannot be played with a separate application like other games. This is an online game and cannot be played offline.

Net Entertainment, however, allows players to play the game on their mobile phone using the Net Entertainment’s Touch platform. People tend to play it at online casinos to win cash rewards to an even greater extent.

Betting Options

There is a total of 25 pay lines in the game. The pay lines are fixed in by Net Entertainment. The first spin can win a player between 0.01 to 0.50 euros. The players can then later change the bets as they please. A lucky player can win up to 125 euros per round while the multipliers allow double winnings. The betting options allow any player with any budget to enjoy this slot.

Muse Wild Inspiration Conclusion

The theme of the game is based on ancient Greece and the muses are known as the goddesses worshipped by the Greeks. The game enables the players to win a decent amount of cash by spinning the reels. Having lucky symbols on the reels make players win a greater amount of cash in each round. The graphics are breathtaking, with bright and eye-catching animations. A must play for fans of Greek mythology.